Benefits of iPulse

Heart wellness

Strengthens heart muscles, maintains healthy rhythm, supports healthy fat levels and overall cardiac health

Cellular Wellness

Helps to enhance cellular metabolism Homeostasis supports

Immunity wellness

Anti-cancer supports Enhances body’s ability to rejuvenate itself

Cerebral wellness

Prevents the neurodegenerative problems and Supports healthy memory

Respiratory wellness

Helps preventing Respiratory related problems. Improves resistance against Allergies

Hepatic wellness

Protection of liver Control the homeostasis level Helps reduce GI problems

Vascular wellness

Maintains healthy circulation Hastens wound healing

Muscular skeletal wellness

Reduces inflammatory problems and Helps in reducing aches and pain.

60% of people are dying due to cardiac arrest in India because of delay in availability of critical care medical assistance.

Nowadays, the people are prone to cardiac and immunity problems owing to the present lifestyle which includes stressful conditions, improper diet and nutrition, environmental conditions and radiations. So the body ekes out with many diseases.